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Check Processing

The flexible alternative to accepting check payments

BillPro’s electronic check drafting method gives you the flexibility to accept payments securely and economically by phone, fax, mail or internet with greater speed of payment than traditional check methods.

Regardless of how your customers send their orders, you can accept online Virtual Checks through a secure web portal or integrate the system into a shopping cart with an API.

For businesses with high-volume processing, BillPro’s check processing lets you bundle all of your transactions into a single batch file for secure transmission.


your global reach and increase sales volumes


Benefits of check processing:

  • Accept checks with maximum convenience and speed
  • Automatically deposit checks directly into your business bank account
  • Refund payments at your discretion
  • Eliminate the time and labour expenses of making trips to the bank
  • Assistance with API integration available upon request
  • Enjoy more control over the process and protect your earnings

More control over your money

Electronic check processing provides you with more control than other services, such as ACH. As the merchant, you make the decision as to whether to refund payments, with the money staying in your account until the matter is resolved. With ACH, the payment is automatically frozen or refunded to your customer. BillPro’s electronic check processing provides you the opportunity to address these types of issues with your customers proactively as they arise, improving customer service.