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Hosted Payments Pages – What is all the fuss about?


BillPro’s Hosted Payments Page is continually being developed with new features, but the focus is always on user-ship, conversion and globalisation.

At BillPro, one of the biggest challenges we encounter from merchants is customer friction at the point of conversion. Our hosted payments page has been designed with this in mind. In collaboration with our partners and merchants we aim to offer transparency to the customer, customisation for merchants, and most importantly, security. Our payments pages provide the ability to customise the look and feel of the branding elements including logos, company name and phone number in addition to Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies.

There is nothing new about Hosted Payments Pages, they have been around as long as e-commerce itself, but not all are created equal. Sometimes it is the things we are commonly surrounded by; we take for granted that they work, and how they work.

We thought this a great opportunity to get back to basics. Let’s get started.

1.What is a hosted payments page?

It is the moment when a customer has selected the items they wish to purchase in their cart and are ready to finalise their transaction. When they select ‘Buy Now’, it is at that point they are instantly redirected from the merchant’s e-commerce site, to what is called a ‘Hosted Payments Page’ to securely input their payment information.

2.How does it work?

1. The customer hits ‘buy now’ on a merchants website to finalise their transaction.
2. The customer is redirected to BillPro’s hosted payments page to submit their payment information securely and then select ‘submit’.
3. The transaction is then processed by BillPro via our secure payment gateway, and the customer is returned to the merchant’s website, to confirm and summarise the transaction made.

3.Why are Hosted Payments Pages (HPP) used?
A hosted payments page is used when a third party is involved in managing a transaction.
Many merchants prefer and request a hosted payments page from their Payments Service Provider as the PSP manages the required PCI certification and compliance to securely process credit card information, which can be a time consuming, resource heavy and costly process.
A PSP also specialises in and manages the high-level compliance, security and fraud measures required as part of their core business. By removing the necessity for merchants to immerse themselves in the complex legalities in managing sensitive customer information.

4.Benefits for merchants

• A PSP, as part of managing the payments process also handles PCI Compliance on behalf of the merchant and accepts liability for the security of all processing via the payments page.
• The cost of being PCI certified, a requirement to accept payments directly on the merchants website, is estimated to cost between $50,000 – $100,000.
• Integration requires limited technical expertise and development costs, with maintenance and ongoing optimisation managed by the PSP.
• The merchant forwards the responsibility of processing and transmitting credit card data to the PSP

5.How does a merchant choose the right hosted payments page for their business?

Here are our simple tips:
1. Ensure your payment page is customisable. By having the ability to include your company logo and information, it builds trust with your customer. An alarming 58%* of customers attribute a failure to complete a payment based on security concerns. Displaying consistent branding assists to increase the opportunity for conversion.
2. Select a payment service provider that is able to offer multiple payment methods.
Not everyone wishes to pay by credit card, therefore, your e-commerce strategy needs to accommodate for payment alternatives that suit your customers.
3. Opt for a payment page that does not request excessive security checks from your customer. An experienced PSP understands what information is critical and what is deemed to be excessive. Overly stringent fraud controls can also exclude credible buyers.

If you have any questions about Hosted Payment Pages and how it can specifically benefit your business, speak to one of our experienced team. You can call us on +1833 245 5776 or send us an email via our website

We hope you found this blog post of value and we genuinely welcome your feedback. You can send us your comments via the content box below. We love hearing your thoughts and suggestions, and both read and respond to them all.


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