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The EWPN Experience

On the 15th of October 2018, the BillPro team participated in the second annual event of the EWPN (European Women Payment Network). The event was held in the beautiful Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam and gathered more than 250 inspiring women and men, recognising their effort in promoting gender equality in business, and educating and inspiring attendees with discussions over emerging industry challenges and possibilities. The event was a huge success and a great opportunity to reflect and learn but most importantly to empower individuals to support others.

The event began with the welcome ceremony accompanied by a delicious supper. The organisers surprised everyone with a more interactive approach this year by mixing participants together. This was very effective in bringing the networking spirit to the room right from the start.

The awards ceremony was an exciting moment. BillPro was nominated in both the Pink Chip Employer category and CEO, Daria Rippingale was nominated for the Positive Trouble Maker award. Thank you for recognizing BillPro and congratulations to the winners Andrea Dunlop, Melissa McKendry, Erika Dietrich, Silvie Boucheron-Saunier!

The second day kicked off with sessions on the latest industry changes, dominating trends and predictions for the future.

The afternoon sessions were dedicated to the social responsibility of businesses. During that afternoon, Daria Rippingale, BillPro CEO was one of the speakers in a panel discussion about women in leadership and mentorship. The audience could listen Daria speaking about the unconscious bias and her journey to the top, as well as other fascinating panellists’ stories and get inspired by them.

At the end of the evening, everyone was gathered in the museum’s marble hallway to enjoy the last moments of the conference over a drink.

EWPN is not only another association it’s an experience, an experience that encourages attendees to make a change and it’s not just women in payments, but it also applies to anyone who wants to make a difference and support this movement

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Thank you Martha Mghendi-Fisher, Silvia Mensdorff and Nadja van der Veer for organising the event, Conny Dorrestijn for being a vibrant presenter during the entire conference, Money 20/20 and PaySafe for supporting this incredible association along with every single participant and contributor. We can’t wait for the Money 20/20/-EWPN conference in June!

About EWPN:

European Women Payments Network (EWPN),re-branded from Women in Payments Network (WIPN), is a subsidiary of Global Women Payments Network (GWPN), a network for women in Cards & Payments whose main objective is to bring women together through networking events and workshops.

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