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Unauthorized company representing themselves as BillPro

It has come to our attention that an unauthorized group has been using the BillPro name for the solicitation and processing of merchant transactions.

This group and its representatives are not associated with BillPro, and do not represent BillPro, our employees or our services. This group appears to be based in Prague, Czech Republic and Florida, USA.

If you have been approached by any individual claiming to be working at BillPro, or using the BillPro name, but without our correct domain, please alert us immediately.

If you are a cardholder, and you see the following descriptors on your credit card statement, please note that these transactions have not been processed by BillPro:

  • onlinebillpro

Please contact your card-issuer for help if any of these appear on your statement.

If you are a sales agency who has been approached by this group for merchant facilities, please be aware they are not BillPro, or any representatives from our organization. We have evidence this organization is trying to ‘sell’ merchant accounts (primarily marketing themselves to North American sales agencies) for high risk offshore processing in regions such as India, Taiwan, China, Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Kenya and Ghana. BillPro does not offer processing facilities for offshore businesses, and works solely with acquirers and registered Payment Facilitators in Europe.

BillPro has demanded this organization cease using our name. If you have any information which you can share to assist in our investigation, please email [email protected].